COLIKAT Rapid® 2 Packs of 25 Tests

  • Suitable for presence-/absence testing and simultaneous identification and quantification of Escherichia coli and coliform bacteria using the COLIKAT Blister
  • Easy to use without extensive training of laboratory staff in the laboratory or in the field
  • Clear identification of target organisms avoids results’ bias resulting from subjective interpretation
  • No confirmation testing required
  • Detection of 1 CFU/100ml water sample
  • 18 hours test period perfectly fits into laboratory workflow and helps to avoid night and weekend work
  • 12 months shelf life at room temperature
  • Low percentage of false positive results increases security and avoids unnecessary cost
  • Quality tested according to EN ISO 11133 and EN ISO 9308-2 in our EN ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
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COLIKAT Rapid® Two Packs of 25 Tests